Set Up

Setting up your new iZaLyts

Picture walkthrough at the bottom of page

Step 1.  Open your new Izalyt box and take out the products.

Included in the Izalyt box is:

1 16′ strand of Izalyts

1 2A power adapter

1 Izalyt Exclusive Bluetooth Connector

Step 2. Unravel the lights from the spool. This step is essential to prevent the Izalyts from overheating.

Step 3. Connect the 2A power adapter and Izalyt Exclusive Bluetooth Connector using the 2-pin plugs.

Step 4. Connect your new Izalyts to the Bluetooth Connector using the four-pin plugs.

Step 5. Download the free Izalyt app to enjoy your new Izalyts!

For additional tips and demos on how to work the app, click HELP or click on the help tab in the iZaLyt app