Q: How long is a single strand of iZaLyt lights?
A: Each strand is 16 feet long

Q: Are the lights weatherproof?
A: Yes, the iZalyts are weatherproof and can be used outside your home as well as on boats and motorcycles.

Q: What is the difference between the mesh only lights and the regular lights?
A: Everything is the same except that the standard iZaLyt has Bluetooth built in. The Mesh only saves some money if you are doing a big system because you don’t necessarily need a Bluetooth/phone entry point everywhere. If someone is new or isn’t sure, then they should just get the standard full featured BT unit. A contractor or needing 3+ units would want to save the money once they have some experience buying and installing.

Q: What is the difference between the white color tunable lights and the regular lights?
A: Everything is the same except white color tunable light is a blue white to a yellowish white color. The regular units are Red/Green/Blue (RGB) color mixing. The firmware and the sticker on the unit are different.

Q: How much power do these lights use?
A: iZaLyt is designed for 66W of 12VDC lighting (5.5 Amps)

Kit w/ lights:

16’ RGB has a 24W power supply
32’ RGB is 60W
16’ WCT is 60W

– we are able to give a solid 32’ of RGB light – the lights are the limit, not iZaLyt.
– we can offer wiring kits — Harley Davidson etc

Q: Are these lights connectable?
A: iZaLyt can actually control ANY 12VDC LED light. The user would need to modify the cable – we may want to offer a DIY kit with the mating connector and some wiring instructions. If you do the math, we can control 60 of those home depot garden lights strung together theoretically.

We don’t offer any kind of wire-connectable daisy chain. Here is why:
-Wireless mesh that solves the need to string them together – and it’s a better solution
-32’ length is the limit, we offer that
-User can cut them shorter to the length they need

Q: My app wont connect to my iZaLyt.
A: Try one/all of the following:
– Make sure Bluetooth is turned on.
– Android Only: Make sure location permissions are granted to the iZaLyt app. Settings>Apps>iZaLyt>Permissions and turn on Location.
 – Make sure no other device is already connected to the iZaLyt. Close out the iZaLyt app completely on each nearby phone as they could be connected in the background.
– Press Bluetooth button on top right of the iZaLyt app while you are on the app’s home view.
– Close and reopen the app completely.
          iOS: Double tap home button. Slide up on app.
          Android: Launch recent applications menu. Slide left or right on app or click the ‘X’.
          Android Alternative: Settings>Apps>iZaLyt>Force Stop
– Unplug iZaLyt and plug it back in.
– Reset iZaLyt. Unplug iZaLyt and while holding down the module button plug it back in. Continue holding module button for 3 seconds until you see the iZaLyt perform a blink sequence.
– Uninstall and reinstall the iZaLyt app