App Walkthrough

Main Screen


This button shows the current connection state of the device you are holding and your iZaLyt. It will look like this when you have successfully connected. To reconnect or attempt to connect again, press this button.

Power Button

This is the power button. Press it to easily turn on/off your iZaLyt.

Warmth Buttons 

These are preset buttons to control the warmth value on certain iZaLyts. Your iZaLyt may or may not have this feature. If it does, red means warm, white means medium, and blue means cool.

Color Presets

This is your color preset bar. Tap on any color to change the iZaLyt. Drag left and right to view all of the colors. Press and hold to change a color.

Color Wheel

The Color Wheel is your main control of your iZaLyt’s color. Drag anywhere and your iZaLyt will immediately update!

Brightness Slider

This controls the brightness of your light. Down all the way turns it off.


This button controls which zone you are currently controlling. Click to toggle through your active zones. You may not have any zones currently active, this is ok.

Menu Toggle

This button will display the side menu when clicked. There are many things you can do with your iZaLyt. The menu includes Alarms, Zones, Security, Audio Sync, and More!

Menu Tabs


Your iZaLyt can be configured to change at any time, any specific day of the week. The iZaLyt can hold up to 8 alarms that you can rename, choose the color, choose the days, and turn on or off. This screen displays the current Alarms you have saved on your phone.

Sync Alarms 

To sync your alarms to your iZaLyt all you have to do is click this button. Now your iZaLyts will go off on their alarms even when your phone is not connected. Do not forget to do this step if you make changes to an alarm.

Edit Alarms

To edit an alarm or create a new one, click on any of the alarms in your list. This will open a new page where you can configure it however you want.

You can customize your iZaLyt’s alarms in whatever way you like! Change the name, color, time, brightness, even the days!

Audio Sync

Select from your Spotify playlists, library, or even search! Play whatever song you want.

Now Playing

Tap on the ‘Now Playing’ in the bottom right to see your currently playing song!


Under the ‘Now Playing’ tab you can change the mode. There are many different modes for you to choose from. You can even turn on multiple modes at once!


Under the ‘Now Playing’ tab you can change the sensitivity value for different effects depending on your music mode!


You can set your iZaLyt to play patterns, even while you are not connected! Create a custom pattern or play the prebuilt ‘Wave’ pattern.

Select Pattern

First, select the pattern you want the iZaLyt to play. (You may only see one pattern, ‘Preset Wave’, at the moment. That’s ok, go ahead and select it!

Start Pattern

Now you must send the pattern to the iZaLyt. Click the start button at the bottom to do this! Once sent, the iZaLyt will continue playing the pattern even when you are not connected with your device.

Pattern Speed

You can change the speed that your iZaLyt plays the pattern.

Stop Pattern

Stop the pattern by clicking the stop button

Edit/Delete Pattern

On a custom pattern that you have created, to edit it, first select it, then click ‘Edit’ in the top right. To delete it swipe left.

Create Pattern

Click the ‘Add’ button to begin! Here you can create your own custom pattern for your iZaLyt to run. Click in the color bar to add any colors you like! Don’t forget you can slide left and right to view all the possible colors.


Zones allow you to set multiple iZaLyts on multiple different colors. For instance, you may have your kitchen be red, and your living room be green. You can easily switch between zones and change colors.

Turn On Zone

We will start by turning on a zone. Toggle one of the switches to on!

Pairing Izalyt

Now you must pair your iZaLyt with this zone. This lets the iZaLyt know that it should respond to this zone. First, hold down the module button located the Bluetooth Connector until the Izalyts start blinking. This means the light is in pairing mode. Next, click the ‘PAIR’ button next to the zone you previously enabled.

Name Zone

You can name your paired zone to help you remember which area it controls.

Reset Zone

If you ever wish to remove the zone just press the ‘Reset’ button. Make sure your iZaLyt is in pairing mode.


iZaLyts can have a passcode enabled to make sure no one you don’t know is changing your lights. Follow these steps to easily enable a passcode.

Configure Izalyt

Press the ‘Connection Test’ button to make sure you are connected to the correct Izalyt. The Izalyt you are connected to should blink. Or, if you aren’t connected, hold down the module button on your Bluetooth Connector until you see the Izalyts blinking.

Enter Passcode

Enter the desired passcode for the Izalyt.

Send To Izalyt

Make sure the iZaLyt is still blinking and click send. (If the iZaLyt is no longer blinking, just hold down the module button once again it until it is.)

For additional tips and demos on how to work the app, click HELP or click on the help tab in the Izalyt app